from The Oxonian Review

A review of Oxford’s Halfcircle poetry journal, featuring work by Misera e stupenda citta‘s Alexander Booth, can be found here

Review of Halfcircle poetry journal

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  1. Glad you liked the citation and index for BOTTEGHE OSCURA! The FictionMags Index can always use contributions of indices of issues, if it seems like amusing or important work to you, as even the old indices of little magazines and such that might’ve indexed in the ’50s and ’60s grow rare. May you find more bargains such as your windfall of the five issues…but some still deals in lire? I thought it was all Euros these days…

    • No, no deals were made in “lire” but we’re sure they could be still in many a humble abode

  2. Ha. It was Early this morning, so somehow your mention of Euros was transmogrified in my head into lire…

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