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The ground still rumbles under the feet

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  1. This one of General Mark Clark climbing the steps to the Campidoglio is my favourite: http://www.paradoxplace.com/Books/Covers%20Images/WW2/War%20Photos/M%20Clark%20arrives%20in%20Rome.jpg

    As Christopher Hibbert says in his book ‘Rome: A biography of a city’, “Here, where Brutus, ‘still hot and eager’ from Julius Carsar’s murder, had come to address the people, where Augustus had made sacrificial offerings in the lovely Temple of Jupiter, where Greek monks had prayed in the church of S. Maria d’Aracoreli in the Dark Ages, where Petrarch had received the poet’s laurel crown, where Cola di Rienzo had fled down the stairway to his death, and where Gibbon had been inspired to write his great history, the leader of the men who had delivered Rome from the last of her foreign masters looked down upon the city which the Allies were now to control”

    • Yes indeed – one thing we (have) noticed in the celebrations & inevitable surrounding polemic however sometimes surprisingly missing: mention of the Allies

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