(Misera e stupenda città 2013)

Arrival, Departure


Addio, Mr Heaney

Seamus Heaney
(1939 – 2013)

(Photographer uncredited)

Back in May of this year we had the good fortune of briefly speaking to Mr Heaney here in Rome where he had been a guest at the conference Ovid Transformed. In his wonderful, musical voice with what grace he asked:

Seamus Heaney: “So, are you a writer?”
Reply: “Well, we pretend to be sometimes.”
Seamus Heaney: “Oh, don’t we all, don’t we all.”


Vanishing / Svanire

Italian / English reading from Deborah Willis’ short-story collection with the author & Italian translator Paola del Zoppo

Thursday 23 May at 19.00
via del Governo Vecchio, 80


Nur wenn in Rom eine so goettliche Anarchie und um Rom eine so himmlische Wuestenei ist, bleibt fuer die Schatten Platz,
deren Einer mehr wert ist als dies ganze Geschlecht

– Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767 – 1835)
“Rom laesst sich nicht vergleichen”


Only when in Rome such a godly anarchy reigns and around Rome such a heavenly wilderness, will space for the shadows remain, which is worth more to one than this entire age